polek seeks and experiences life. his desire from a young age for artistic, athletic and spiritual development provided foundations for the laying of a colourful and winding path.

his intuitive voice led him to hold regular communion with the ocean's waves, land's old-growth forests and many mountain peaks. vipassana meditation, the practices of yoga, spiritual/religious texts, and permaculture are some of the topics expanded upon during these communions. environmental activism in his early twenties inspired polek to ask himself more confronting questions. how one acts internally, and what impact one has upon this planet through these internal acts we but a few.

deeper study of permaculture alongside ancient maharata and tan-tri-ahura texts has given polek great contemplation upon his choices of interaction and co-creation with this planet.

Currently residing in the Pemberton valley along the canadian west coast coastal mountains, polek grows food, rockclimbs, takes photographs, skis, surfs, writes music and chooses life alongside his beloved wife and two sons.